Every day, social media is bombarded with food porn. The newest and most exciting craze is to share your recipes, plating and dream meals with your social circle. So why not ride on this exciting wave and delve into the most intimate relationship that is often ignored:

the relationship between a human and their food. 

What kind of person do you count yourself as?

  • Health freak: food is good as long as it’s fat-free, low-fat, low-carb, Banting and accompanied by vigorous exercise and protein shakes.
  • Free-freak: the one gluten-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, vegan, soy free, antibiotic free, organic, non GMO, organic eater.
  • Anti-animal: vegetarian, vegan, alkaline ash dieters
  • Pro-carnivorous: eat anything, anytime, anywhere – anything goes, who cares if I have a stroke or something deadly.
  • Who-cares: food is whatever, shoes are more important.

Whichever person you may be, this blog will touch you. Not every post is for everyone but at least one will speak to you. It is open to correction and criticism.

As a journalist, I choose to speak the true universal language, not English, not music but FOOD. No matter your choice of diet, every single human needs to eat. Unfortunately, not every human gets to eat. The few of us who do, are privileged and have a serious relationship with the plate or bowl or take-away box. This is what we hope to explore.

For this foodie, from a family of foodies, this is a very important topic. I am very PRO-CARNIVOROUS. Food is everything to me, my comfort, my best friend, my bae. Food comes before friends and family to me, and they know it. It has been a relationship filled with ups and downs but as one of my favourite memes states “Food will never stop loving you.” For me, it’s the making of the food and the eating of the food, that’s what brings me the greatest joy. Not just junky meals but healthy meals as well. All  food is great food and writing about food brings just as much joy and I hope to bring as much joy to you as it brings me. Sharing my food with you virtually because I can’t do it physically.

We will romance your taste buds in complimentary, critical and motivational ways. So enjoy the journey from your lips to your stomach. Take a moment to internalize the greatness in food and eating.



2 Replies to “FOOD: FRIEND OR FOE”

  1. I like this…I love this…partly cuz it can’t be subject to any reshuffle nor stigma…a food connection…I’m excited 🙂


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