Many have heard of the latest craze but not many know what it is or how it works. I’m going to break it down for you.

Banting is a type of eating plan based on the premise of low-carb-high-fat (LCHF). It was named after William Banting’s doctor recommended he try it to combat his obesity. Because of the great results, he wrote an open letter, Letter on Corpulence. Banting was coined when more people started to follow the plan. It became a highly popular form of weight loss until it was excluded from nutritional and medical textbooks in the late 1960’s.

Today it has been revived by Professor Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, Jonno Proudfoot, and David Grier. Many are testifying of its effectiveness.

So exactly does this luxurious diet work? Well, they break all foods down into three categories Red List, Orange List and Green List. The Red List contains all foods you should avoid at all costs. The Orange List contains foods that should be consumed in minimal amounts and the green list is all the best food to be consumed. There’s also something about cutting down on snacking.

The main focus is a 50/50 balance between meat and vegetables and zero starches. The low-carb part looks at reducing carbs and sugars in one’s diet. The high-fat part looks at an increased consumption of animal fats as it is said to help curb hunger. The animal fat helps fill you up faster.

So, all Pro-carnivores (previous post reference) this is probably worth a try. As all the ‘fatty’ meats (steaks, ribs, pork chops etc.) are a yes. This thing is so big that there’s a Facebook group called SleekGeek where many share stories, testimonies and concerns.

Basically, this is a huge cool-kids club, maybe worth looking into.

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