The weather has drastically changed and the 7am sunrise is a sure sign that winter is here. So in the spirit of winter, the cold and trying to warm up, I’ve found some awesome-looking winter concoctions (I mean cocktails). I have found various recipes for some good alcoholic drinks to raise your body temperature.

This is the first in a series of lists of things I will be experimenting and reviewing. I encourage readers to do the same and share their reviews. I promise to try them and many others throughout this blog. Let’s hope they all turn out to be as amazing as they look and sound. Links to recipes are in the titles.

Earl Grey Hot Toddy 

Credit: Carolina Girl Cooks

 this is simply a pot of Earl Grey tea with a dash of bourbon to give that lasting heat. This one is the easiest and the most promising.

Gold Rush Cocktails

Credit: Garnish with Lemon

may not be as exciting as it sounds and it seems a lot like flu remedy than a tasty drink but as long as it’s still winter, you may never know when you’ll need the golden remedy.

Autumn Bourbon Sangria

Credit: The Life Styled

this is actually not officially a winter drink but it will definitely keep you warm while still keeping you somewhat healthy as it has a lot of fruit. Here’s to hoping the fruit combination works for this darling drink, because we all know not all fruit salads are great salads.

Pumpkin Pineapple Rum Cocktail

Credit: Cookie and Kate

the ingredients are in the name, well most of them. The rest are interesting spices which I believe will add the heat and flavour to this drink. Combining pineapple and pumpkin makes me slightly uncomfortable but I’m all for experiments.

Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Credit: Honey and Birch

finally, a hearty drink that’s hot even to the touch. The classic homemade hot chocolate with a dash of Kahlua Coffee Liqueur. Marshmallows add to that homey feel and this is the one I am most excited to try out.

So with time, and careful budgeting, I will be going through this list and various other drinks and foods. I will definitely record the experiments and share. As the reader don’t be afraid to experiment and share with us your findings.

Happy drinking!


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