I’m sure we’ve all heard that one glass of red wine a day is beneficial. Here’s an exploration of why it is so.

Raised HDL levels

Credit: Rf Vectorscom

moderate amount of red wine (a glass a day) is said to increase the good cholesterol, HDL (High-density lipoprotein). This in turn lowers your risk of heart attack.

Attacks food poisoning bacteria

Credit: Unknown

you surviving a bout of food poisoning would be thanks to that glass of wine that may have accompanied your meal. Wine is said to kill the bacteria that is responsible for food related ailments.

Reduced risk of dementia

Credit: National Institutes of Health

according to various researchers, a glass of wine a day can reduce one’s risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases. An enzyme that works in neuro regeneration in the brain is stimulated by Resveratrol found in grapes.

Protection against cancers

Credit: Cancer Research UK

works in warding off cancer causing cells and protecting and stopping their growth. Some of the cancers fights off include breast, lung and bowel cancers.

Prevention of blindness

Credit: Guadalupe manjarrez

Resveratrol once again works to reduce age-related degeneration of the retina; by stopping the overgrowth of blood vessels. Resveratrol is also found in blueberries, peanuts and even dark chocolate.

And the most important part to remember is not to rush to reach the bottom of the bottle but consume it in moderation. ONE GLASS A DAY. Any more than this can have the opposite effects, causing more damage than good in your body.


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